Our core business is the POWERBOX. This revolutionary product originated in Europe where its increasing popularity has made it today's product of choice among thousands of diesel owners who desire more power and overall performance. TDC PowerBoxes are Made in Germany and designed to deliver more power and torque in order to imporve responsiveness, towing capacity, and top-end speed. The PowerBox is fuel-efficient and features integrated technology to ensure optimal performance. TDC offers the most innovative and reliable power conversion devices on the market - Welcome to the New Dimension of Power!

The TDC value proposition - Quality and reliability at a competitive price! We offer a durable product made to exacting specifications. Each unit is meticulously designed, assembled, and tested. Our units are programmed to ensure that engine performance is optimized, while ensuring that safe operating parameters are not exceeded. Each PowerBox is backed by our satisfaction guarantee, and includes a 3-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

Customer Pledge - Our customers are the voice of our company. In this specialized market, we realize that each satisfied customer lends more credibility to our products than any amount of marketing can do justice. We value your business. To that end, we will make every reasonable effort to ensure that you are completely satisfied - our reputation depends on it.